This page offers elementary indexes to monitor the major costs of logistics services.
Those are selected for contract escalation in logistics services. They can also be used directly in custom indexing formulas through price indexing tool that CNR proposes in the "Tools & simulation" page.
It should be noted that certain specific costs such as packaging or data processing are not included in these indexes.
Moreover, indexes are presented with a monthly frequency. Quarterly series are displayed on a monthly step.
On the graph, for scale reasons, we advise to display separately the construction cost index. This action is done by unchecking the boxes in the right menu.


Display : Table Chart

Check a box to add the indicator to the chart or to the table

Click on a label to reach description of the complete indicator

  • Warehouse labour costs per hour a
  • IT engineer costs per month a
  • Tertiary activities rent a
  • Construction cost a
  • Construction cost (av. last 4 Q) a
  • Electricity index, final consuming businesses a
  • PPI gas, final consuming businesses a
  • PPI electricity, gas, steam and air cond. a
  • PPI lifting and handling equipment a
  • Long Haul artic overheads a
  • Short haul artic overheads a
  • Short haul Rigid overheads a