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2016 social summary of CNR's European studies

Employers’ contributions ranging from €700 to €1,000 per annum ; 54 RFT collective agreements or a single one or nothing at all according to the country chosen ; 300 hours of overtime work per year never counted ; 75% of total pay given as travel allowances not subject to social security contributions and exempt from taxes ; a saleman’s payroll for a lorry driver comprised of a €300 fixed salary and a variable component based on monthly mileage increasing the total sum four-fold.

In this European RFT hodgepodge, everything is real and legal, though. Didn’t we just think we harmonized the market before opening it up ? The findings are scathing, the same hour's driving in the same lorry on the same road with the same goods can cost €8 per hour or €33 per hour depending on whether the driver is employed by a Bulgarian or a Belgian company. Naturally, this 4-fold competitiveness gap is unsustainable in a single market.

You will find all the figures and explanations in this 2016 synthesis of CNR’s European studies entitled « Comparative study of employment and pay conditions of international lorry drivers in Europe ».