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European comparision of road taxes and charges applied to HGVs in 2022

The CNR presents for the first time a European overview of levies (road taxes and charges) specifically applied to heavy goods vehicles: vignettes and tolls, axle tax and excise duties applicable to diesel. These systems, which are very disparate, do not impact in the same way the cost of using road infrastructure and have incidence on the competitive relationship between States and between carriers.

In fact, tolls vary greatly from 0.063€/km on Polish motorways to 0.428€/km in Slovenia. As for the axle tax, it oscillates between the European minimum, 515€/veh.year, to more than 2,000€/veh.year in the United Kingdom. In addition, in Slovenia, there is no axle tax, however heavy goods vehicles are obliged to use the motorways when they are available on their route. Finally, excise duties on diesel fuel are no exception. State strategies in this area are very diverse. Austria, for example, has chosen to increase excise duties on diesel in 2022, despite the crisis in energy prices, while others are setting their excise duties on diesel at the European minimum level or even lower. such as Poland, Bulgaria or Croatia.

The CNR therefore invites you to discover this study integrated into an inventory of the main systems in place in each country as well as simulations carried out on the toll road networks of some European countries.