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European Road Transport Activity Ranking 2015

After a year of stagnation in 2014, the European road freight transport (RFT) recovers and finishes 2015 on a positive note with a growth rate of +2.4%. This result is due, in particular, to the strong performance of domestic RFT, +3.4%, whereas the international RFT, stable with a rate of +0.5%, undergoes an activity transfer from bilateral (-1.6%) to cross-trade RFT (+5.7%). The cabotage increases by +5.6%. The RFT industry is, therefore, subject to an intensifying competition. The NMS (new member states) flags grow 4 times faster than the EU15 flags.

Compared to 2014, the growth rate of Poland is multiplied by 3, achieving +3.9%, nevertheless remaining under the NMS average. Bulgaria and Romania, as well as Slovenia and Croatia, two flags from former Yugoslavia, achieve record growth rates between 10% and 11%, thanks to their expansion in international RFT.

Among the EU15 flags, Germany performs better than average with a growth rate of +1.5%. Second biggest EU15 flag, Spain records a +7% rise over one year. With an exceptional performance of +11%, the UK moves above France which finishes the year with a -7% fallback. The drop of global activity in Portugal is even steeper : -8.7%.

You can download hereunder the European Road Transport Activity Ranking 2015.