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The Latvian RFT sector - a summary - 2018

80% of RFT activity in the Latvian sector takes place internationally. Despite its small size, Latvia is positioned in 16th place among European freight flags in terms of total international activity and in 10th place for cross-trade RFT activity.

The Latvian sector benefits in particular, from the geographical location of the country in terms of increasing its East-West activity, as well as its North-South freight activity with Scandinavian countries via the use of ferries.

A low cost per hour of driving (€9.55 per hour all inclusive), very low fuel costs thanks to massive purchases outside the EU (almost 30% of the fuel at half price), in addition to a high annual mileage per vehicle, 138,000 kilometers, are the main competitive advantages of the sector. They are the key factors in the growth of the Latvian RFT sector both in the West and the East, particularly in the Russian and Belarusian markets, and in the South and North with its Baltic and Scandinavian neighbours.