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The Slovak RFT sector - a summary - 2017

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Slovakia has experienced a period of steady and sustained economic growth. Slovak road freight transport (RFT) is also dynamic. Ranked 12th among European sectors in respect of total activity and 6th for international activity, the Slovak RFT benefits from the strategic geographical location of the country. As a result of the numerous motorways crossing through it, Slovakia offers direct access to Hungarian motorways to travel to South and South-East of Europe, and also to the German, Swiss and Italian markets via Austria. Slovak RFT has maintained its rank on the road freight transport market in Europe. It can rely on the competitiveness of its sector with regard to prices. Its competitive advantages, namely a low hourly driving cost, €14.22/hour and a large mileage per vehicle, mean it has been able to make a place for itself internationally.

CNR invites you to discover this new study dedicated to the Slovak RFT sector. It is supplemented by a summary, containing elements of comparison with France.