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The Luxembourg RFT sector - a summary - 2018

Because of its size and its position in Europe, Luxembourg's economy is resolutely international. Road freight transport (RFT) is no exception to this rule since 87% if its transport is carried out internationally. Cross-trade RFT sector is by far the most flourishing activity in the Luxembourg sector (38%). As for cabotage, its sector ranks 6th among the 28 EU countries, behind the Netherlands and Spain. In more than 96% of cases, Luxembourg hauliers practice cabotage in neighboring countries, France being the country of choice.

Regarding the costs, the Luxembourg sector remains more competitive than the French sector. If the operating costs of a vehicle in Luxembourg are very close to that observed in France, differences exist as regards the drivers’ conditions.
Better paid (+ 34% year-round), a Luxembourg driver costs 4% less to his employer than his French counterpart, thanks in particular to a very low rate of employer contributions (12.7%). Moreover, the latter drives always more kilometers in the year than a French driver (+ 5%) and drives especially longer than his neighbor.

CNR invites you to discover this new study dedicated to the Luxembourg RFT sector. It is supplemented by a summary in which there are elements of comparison with France.